Letters From The Director

LIFE COUNTS NOW (LCN) has been working in India since 2009 with a commitment to improve the quality of life of children, particularly girls, from vulnerable and excluded communities. LIFE COUNTS NOW works in four States in India spanning across 20 districts.

In this journey of finding answers and hope, we have had many friends who have walked with us. We would like to thank the Government and our partners for walking with us and helping us learn from them. We would like to thank our sponsors and donors who shared their resources with us and have been the answer to a child’s prayer.

 We would also like to thank our staff in the communities we serve, for their tireless efforts in finding answers together with the children, families and communities.  Above all, we would like to thank God for His loving guidance and strength in this pursuit of ushering in hope and change. For the many questions that face our children and their families, we are walking along with them to find answers; answers that let in a glimmer of hope; answers that inspire change and answers that encourage us to come together for children, and young people for change for life. In our work with more than 3000 children across India in over 90 communities, we have been direct witness to the hope that an answer brings.  Children enjoying good health and receiving an education and values, families having a secure livelihood and communities thriving through development; these small answers are often the steps towards big changes in the lives of children, Youth and their families. 

Yours sincerely


Dear Friends of Life Counts Now,

The year 2017-2018 was yet another “achievement year” for us when we continued marching ahead with greater momentum to bring the socially excluded children under the ambit of our program on health, education, protection and humanitarian response

I would draw this piece to a close by extending heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and supporters, and to my colleagues. Putting children first in everything we do, we’re determined to positively impact young lives in times to come.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry journey.

We hope we can continue to make a difference together.

With thanks & Blessing


Anuja Lal

Director LCN

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