Life Counts Now is committed to improving the lives of people all over India by educating, empowering and equipping people to be the change they would like to see in the world.


Many needy communities in India already have the resources they need to grow and thrive.  However, development might have been hindered by social problems or a historical lack of education.




Many needy communities in Asia already have the resources they need to grow and thrive. Their development is hindered by social problems and the lack of educational opportunities. Life Counts Now aims to enhance the potential of entire families through Non-Formal Education centers for children who have never attended school, as well as tuition centers for children who attend school but do not have access to the tutoring they need to succeed.


Life Counts Now is committed to educating, empowering and equipping adults to be the change agent in their communities through vocational training and expanding business opportunities. We feel God will bless the communities through the implementation of a “holistic” approach. Key to the mission the training of unreached people through spiritual mentoring. We also focus on educational empowerment to bring quality education to those who need assistance. Through vocational training we will be equipping men and women to enhance earnings for the families and give leaders the opportunity to train others. An additional positive outcome will be community enhancement as residents are connected with the resources they need.

Through Non-Formal Education centres, for children who have never attended schools, and tuition centres, for children who attend school but may not have access to tutoring they need, the earning potential of entire families can be expanded.

But this is not just about making more money.  When men and women, boys and girls, can realize their own true potential, entire families, communities, and villages can experience an abundance in every aspect of life.



Our vision is to create models of transformed villages and societies by helping people to develop spiritually, mentally, socially and physically.



By 2020, we will have helped to create 100 thousand groups in various places throughout India, who are committed to transforming their villages and societies.